About Free Porn Pictures

If you're looking to jerk off to free porn pics, then you may be disappointed with this site. However, if you want to learn more about porn in order to better find the types of content that turn you on, then your libido will be very happy to know that you've stumbled upon the perfect porn site. Nearly every kind of porn you can imagine (except for gay porn, since I don't know much about that) is covered here...

About Porn

So... Porn is more than merely a man and woman having sex on camera. The idea is to provide visual stimulation for the sake of masturbation, and since there are many different aspects of sex that turn many different people on, there are also many different types of porn — some you've probably never heard of or even thought of. These different types of porn are usually referred to as niches.

About Hardcore Porn

Of course, there is a general porn niche that mostly refers to simple, straight heterosexual sex. It's generically termed hardcore porn and is merely a man and woman having sex, which (as you've probably realized by now) can be rather boring. It is true that the term "hardcore" also refers to all explicit pornography (as opposed to the "softcore" variety), but if you come across it on your searches for free porn, it is almost always referring to simple, straight and usually boring heterosexual sex. Granted, it may also refer to sites or content that is a mix of niches, such as most of the sites below. Just know, if you're looking for something specific, you probably won't find it at a generic, hardcore porn site.

About Lesbian Porn

Now lesbian porn is a bit tougher to explain. First of all, it's made for guys, not lesbians. So the more masculine looking women don't usually make the cut. When you search for lesbian porn content, what you'll find is the sexiest girls engaged primarily in oral sex using their tongues and fingers, and sometimes in hardcore action fucking each other with strap-ons. You'll also see them using sex toys, of course. They basically do whatever it takes to get each other off without a real penis, even fisting each other if necessary.

This means there are many sub-niches of the lesbian porn niche that should be covered. I guess the first amd most obvious criteria of classification is the number of participants, leading to the lesbian threesome porn, lesbian foursome porn, and lesbian orgy porn niches — which I'm going to assume are self-explanatory. In my mind at least, the allure of these niches is "more = better." For instance, you can watch lesbian orgy videos multiple times and still not see everything worth seeing.

Other lesbian porn niches, such as lesbian strap-on porn and lesbian fisting porn, require a bit of explaining. When these girls fuck while wearing strap-ons, they're basically using a dildo connected to a belt, which they "strap on" and then go to work. As a straight guy, I find it hot and cute watching a girl thrust her hips while fucking another girl. Other than that, I don't know what's so great about girls fucking girls with fake dicks (though I guess maybe lesbian women might like it). The fisting doesn't do it for me, either. It seems a bit too extreme to be pleasurable — to me — for a girl to stick her whole hand inside another woman's pussy. Maybe it feels better than I imagine, but all I see when watching it is a pussy being stretched passed its limits, like some kind of perverse test or game. Of course, I don't know exactly what's going on inside there, but if I can't see it then what's the point? Porn is about watching, not feeling; it's about how it looks, not how it feels. I'd rather watch girls tongue kissing on YouTube...

There's a lot more lesbian porn niches I want to cover, but I'll get to them later. For now, I'll just mention lesbian anal porn and lesbian strap-on anal porn. These sub-niches are not usually found alone but are often a minor part of much more adventurous scenes. They consist basically of all the sexual actions mentioned above, except involving the asshole instead of the pussy. By far, however, my favorite lesbian porn niche is lesbian tribbing porn. It's when two girls grind their pussies together, usually with their legs spread, "scissoring" each other. If you enjoy seeing girls grinding their hips and really loving it, then this is as good as lesbian porn gets.

About Solo Porn

Solo porn is about masturbation. There's not much to say here. Just a (usually) hot girl getting herself off on camera, sometimes with a toy. I'll mention all the different kinds of solo porn later, as I flesh out the general niches.

About Porn Niches

The hardcore, lesbian and solo niches are the fundamental classifications, identified by what the girl is doing, i.e., fucking a guy, fucking a girl or masturbating. Another basic method of categorization is determined by the nature of the girl herself. It is a very widespread and shallow myth that porn is only about impossibly beautiful girls naturally adept at fulfilling men's every primitive fantasy. Certainly, that's one type of porn — pornstars fucking big cocks — and it is also very popular, of course. But not everyone is turned on by pornstars or fantasies, many are looking for what they can actually find in "real life," and that requires a specific type of girl, and porn is mostly focused on providing that. Therefore, in porn, girls are often classified by ethnicity, by age, by experience, by weight, by hair color and by any other criteria you can think of.

About Pornstar Porn

When most people think of porn — especially those who don't watch it — pornstar porn is the kind they think of. It has very little to do with the nature of the sexual actions involved and almost everything to do with the beauty, skill and experience of the girls performing them. Pornstars are not the only kinds of girls in porn; they're simply the best, the ones who stand out. Of course, even they can be of different ethnicities, ages and sizes, but most are ultra-beautiful experts at having sex on camera. I guess the advantage of this classification is that it's easier to follow a specific girl you may be into when you can narrow your search to pornstar sites, such as the ones below. However, that's about all I can say about this porn niche which isn't much of a niche...

About Amateur Porn

Now, amateur porn is a very broad-ranging niche. It includes every kind of sex and sexual action you can think of performed by every kind of girl you can imagine, except for pornstars. Most amateur porn sites, like the hugely popular girlfriend porn sites, just find girls off the street and (usually) pay them to have sex on camera. These types of pics and videos tend to be more believable and interesting to watch because the fundamental premise of all the scenes are natural and you never know what may happen. I mean, in reality, not all girls love sucking cock or taking it up the ass or getting blasted with cum on their face. So watching girls do things they've never done or seeing couples struggle while changing positions or wondering if the girl will swallow or spit, can be very engaging.

Of course, amateur porn isn't just about inexperienced performers; it also includes pornstar wannabes without contracts with major studios who just get off on sharing their extremely active sexual lives on the Internet. Believe it or not, there are a lot of "amateur" pornstars out there who have bigger followings than "real" pornstars, but that's irrelevant here so I won't go into it. All you need to know to understand the amateur porn niche is that it's hardcore, lesbian and masturbation scenes starring "everyday" girls, i.e., girls who are inexperienced at fucking on film.

Of course, some would argue that not every non-pornstar niche can be considered "amateur," since some of these girls have been working for a very long time and are obviously experienced and professional, but I'm using "amateur" to distinguish between pornstars and non-pornstars, not professionals and amateurs. The truth is almost all so-called "amateurs" in porn are not amateurs at all, since they get paid. However, distinguishing between the levels of experience and skill is the more important classification. To me, it doesn't matter what happens behind-the-scenes, at least not when determining niches. What matters is the content itself, and there's a big difference between pornstar porn and amateur porn. So unless you want to further subdivide the amateur porn niches into something like "true amateurs" and "fake amateurs," then this is enough for the purposes of classification — which is all that really matters to a porn consumer, who just wants to find what he or she likes to watch.

About Ethnic Porn

Another way to classify porn content is by ethnicity. For instance, a lot of porn watchers — for whatever reasons — are only interested in watching girls from their own ethnic group, and, of course, some like to watch girls from ethnic groups different than their own. The differences are not only facetious, like skin color, but cultural as well. For instance, Asian girls generally have different sexual tendencies and inclinations than European girls. I'm sure it's mostly about how they look, that most men just want to see something different from what they may or may not have at home, something exotic, but I just wanted to mention it's not shallow to categorize girls by ethnicity. Generally speaking, there are countless, very real differences.

Now, I guess I should mention the different niches based on ethnicity. They tend to be very broad, not specific. For instance, there is Asian porn, Black porn, Latina porn, Euro porn, etc. The classifications are more determined by continent than by country or region, usually. Of course, it's not that simple. There is Brazilian porn, Amsterdam porn, Japanese porn, Russian porn and many more, but these are more about where the porn was produced than about the type of girl, though you will obviously find a certain type of girl specific to each region or country where a film was produced. Also, for the record, Euro porn basically means porn with non-American girls, at least that's how I usually find it to be. There may be an American porn niche in other regions, but I'm not aware of it. I'll leave it there.

About Teen Porn

This porn niche requires a deeper explanation than the others. Teen porn features sexual performers that are 18 or older, usually between 18 to 21 years of age. However, it's not really about the exact age of the girl, but about a certain, youthful look and feel. In other words, it's not how it sounds. It's not teenagers having sex on camera, not literally anyway. It's about seeing girls rather than women. Teen porn girls are usually skinny and petite. They have small but firm breasts. They suck cock more with their lips and tongues than their whole mouths, like they're nibbling at it rather than devouring it. They apparently enjoy sex much more than older women, though it also looks a little painful, which is a huge turn on for obvious reasons. And much more...

If I go on citing the differences between girls and women I'll seem like an old pervert who cheats on his wife by corrupting young girls, which is also a porn niche that I'll get to later. All I really want to point out is that it's not really about age and most porn producers and consumers are not very interested in finding younger and younger girls. A teen porn actress could be 24 years old, but if she looks like a sexy nubile when she's fucking, no one cares how old she really is. That's why I also include coed porn in this niche, which obviously refers to college girls having sex on film. A few other sub-niches are amateur teen porn, solo teen porn, solo anal teen porn, and teen lesbian porn — all of which should be obvious to you if you read my descriptions of the broader categories above, since they're mere combinations of niches. I'll get to the many other teen porn niches later when I examine the action-based classifications.

About Mature Porn

This porn niche is all about older women, not teens or anything in-between. Mature porn refers to sexual content where the performers are over-the-hill, and in the porn community that could be as early as the age of 28. But, as usual, the real age of the models or actresses doesn't really matter, only how they look, and the look of women you'll find in this niche is pretty old. As you know, when women get older they lose many of their better physical qualities. Their breasts sag, their faces grow lines and wrinkles, their pussies can easily take multiple cocks, and their bodies in general become flabby and disproportionate, to say the least. I know it sounds cruel, but that's the nature of porn and these kinds of older women are exactly what some consumers are looking for. If a woman has aged well, has taken great care of her body and still looks great at 40, then she doesn't belong in this niche.

However, there are a couple of sub-niches that complicate things a little. For instance, Milf porn (though MILF is actually an acronym for "Mother I'd Like to Fuck") fits in the mature porn niche, but the women tend to be extremely hot for their actual age. And cougar porn also usually includes very hot older women, except these ladies are only interested in fucking younger men. It's important to know these classifications because if you search for mature porn, you will likely find all of these niches and more. Thankfully, however, granny porn is exactly what you think it is. And there's also the combinations, of course, if you're looking for something more specific. There's amateur mature porn, solo mature porn, mature lesbian porn and more.

About BBW Porn

This porn niche is about big girls. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone is only interested in skinny girls with big tits and round asses. Some people prefer chubby and fat girls and that's what the BBW porn niche is all about. BBW stands for "big, beautiful women," if you didn't know. And while it's true that sometimes the women are so humongous that no one could see them as "beautiful," it's all included under this umbrella, and the big girls in this niche do actually tend to be very sexy in their own ways. Of course, there are variations on and combinations with other niches as well, such as BBW lesbian porn and teen BBW porn, but I think you get the point by now. If you've clicked on one of my links and seen the BBW pics, then you know you can't miss it.

More About Porn Niches

The remaining porn niches are more scattered and less heirarchical, which means they don't necessarily fit neatly into smaller groups that fit neatly into larger groups. When you start feeling overwhelmed, you'll understand. There are many different criteria for organizing the different aspects of the sexual act. For instance, a porn niche can be based on a particular action, such as deepthroating a cock or swallowing a cumshot, that is actually a part of general action, in this case, a blowjob — but not all niches can be organized so logically.

I don't want to get too philosophical about it, so I should probably just jump in and start naming and describing as many niches as I can. Just know that organizing the above niches for this document was easy, but I can't promise the remaining ones will lend themselves to any sensical organization at all. I mean, a niche can be based on almost anything:

It's kind of hard to believe, since it's just sex on film, but as far as I can see, there is simply no limit to porn niches. I'll do what I can, though.

About Porn Niches Focused On Body Parts

These porn niches are self-explanatory. They're basically pics or movies that fit all the other niches, except these focus on certain physical gifts the actors may or may not possess, physical gifts such as big or small tits, a big ass, long legs, pretty feet, and whatever else you may be looking for. Though these niches are simple, they're also more extensive (or intensive) than you might think.

For instance, big tits porn is really just girls with big tits having sex or masturbating, but this focus leads to titty fucking porn and cum on tits porn. You got busty Milfs porn, busty teens porn, and others. There's also the "bigness" of the tits to consider, leading to huge tits porn and even small tits porn. You could also further cross-classify by ethnicity, i.e., busty Asian girls porn, busty Black girls porn, busty Latina girls porn, and more. I think you get the point.

Big ass porn and foot fetish porn are the only ones left that I'll cover. Big asses are revered the world over and especially in porn, where we have found countless ways to worship them. At this point, it takes more than a doggystyle porn scene to get us going, so we've resorted to lap dances, massages, ass slaps and more to "admire" big asses more thoroughly. Of course, you won't find many sites devoted solely to such reverence, but you can expect to find all this and more at most big ass porn sites. Of course, you got big ass teens porn and big ass Black girls porn and others, especially Brazilian porn in which the girls naturally possess these remarkable gifts. The only other big ass porn niche I'll mention is big ass anal porn, but I don't think I have to describe it. Oh yeah, I forgot about cum on ass porn...

Foot fetish porn is pics or vids where the girls have pretty feet. However, if there's no sex, then I don't think it should be included. For instance, some guys can get off merely on a picture of a girl's feet in high heels, but that's not necessarily pornographic content. If the girl doesn't have sex or do something sexual, such as in footjob porn, then it belongs to some other category of media. Of course, if you cover that sexy foot with a load of jizz, then you're in the porn business. There's also the cross-classifications. There's teen foot fetish porn, lesbian foot fetish porn (which leads to some awesome toe-fucking porn), and on and on...

Actually, I should probably mention big cocks porn, which is basically general hardcore porn except the guys have huge dicks, making the sex a bit more extreme and interesting. I also want to say that a popular niche right now is massage porn and it's all about admiring the female body. So, if you're into beautiful women and enjoy getting up close and personal with their amazing assets, then this niche is for you.

Also, by the way, you may have noticed I didn't mention a porn niche related to the most lusted after body part: the vagina. Well, it's usually masturbation porn you're looking for if you just want to stare at some pussy, or lesbian porn, of course, so there isn't really a pussy porn niche. There's squirting porn, which certainly glorifies the pussy, but it still doesn't fit a pussy niche to me because there's so much more usually involved in such scenes. I guess there's also orgasm porn, where the girl actually gets off, but who cares for that? Just kidding. I may cover some others when I talk about fetishes. Just know, if you're searching for porn that focuses mostly on pussy, then just look for the solo masturbation variety.

About Blowjob Porn

If you don't know about blowjobs, then you would never have ended up on this site, much less read this far, so I won't patronize you with even a short description. What I will do is mention all the different sub-niches of blowjob porn. First, let me run through the variations on and combinations with the other porn niches. You got teen blowjob porn, which is blowjobs performed by teens. You got mature blowjob porn, which is blowjobs performed by Milfs and grannies. You got Asian blowjob porn, Latina blowjob porn and Black blowjob porn, which obviously respectively refers to Asian, Black and Latina girls sucking cock. Interacial blowjob porn, however, doesn't refer to just any ethnically-diverse couple, but rather non-black girls sucking big black cocks — and this is how it is with interracial porn in general.

Now, on to the more interesting ones. Deepthroat porn is when a girl gives a blowjob, mostly on a big cock, and takes the length and girth of it all the way in her mouth and down her throat. It's an amazing sexual act, an advanced one that usually requires lots of lubrication in the form of saliva, thus making the act very messy and intense. So, if you're not into excessively drooling mouths and slobber covered cocks, then deepthroat porn content is not for you.

This niche can be further subdivided by the number of cocksuckers, of course, but I don't think there are names for it, like blowjob threesome porn or blowjob sharing porn. One of my favorites is two teen girls sharing one cock, but when I search for it I have to use a descriptive phrase to find anything worth watching. There is a niche for cum swapping, but it generally includes much more than blowjobs.

The last one I want to cover is related to sucking cock but doesn't necessarily require the act of cock sucking, though it usually occurs during said act. It's ball licking porn, and it's exactly how it sounds but also usually includes some sucking, too.

Personally, I think blowjob porn lovers have a bit of a face fetish (or a cock fetish). For me, at least, seeing the girl looking up at you with big eyes, watching the lips move and rub against the shaft as she thoroughly enjoys every inch of it, is more than half the fun. The other half, the cumshot, I'll get to later. I also won't go into gagging or multiple cocks or any of the other extreme acts, such as blowjob gangbang porn, because they don't really require further description, do they?

Oh, yeah. Another niche related to blowjob porn is handjob porn. As a veteran porn watcher, I tend to see handjob scenes as rather mild; just a gateway to the harder stuff. But it can be very entertaining sometimes, say if you pay a girl off the street to jerk you off behind the bushes or if you convince your sexy masseur to give you the happy ending special.

About Anal Porn

Anal porn is probably the most popular porn out there. I guess it's because of the whole fantasy thing, wanting to see pics or videos of that which one is not getting at home. Also, it certainly makes a typical hardcore scene much more interesting when the guy goes for the ass and the girl is apprehensive. I don't know. If that's true, though, then double penetration porn, where the girl is getting pussy fucked and ass fucked simultaneously, makes it even more interesting. It's also fun to watch the guy fucking the girl doggystyle, salivating for that tight asshole so much he tries to stick a finger in... Is he going to go for it? Will she let him get away with it? It's riveting stuff.

There's a few more I should cover that are related to the ass. Ass licking porn and lesbian ass licking porn are self-explanatory, though the former usually refers to a girl eating a guy's ass. There's also ass-to-mouth porn, which means a girl sucking cock usually during the money shot after getting anal fucked, and thus is very self-explanatory. There's gaping anal porn, where the cock is pulled out to show the asshole gaping wide open. There's teen anal porn and mature anal porn and Milf anal porn and all the ethnic varieties, too. There's lesbian anal porn, which mostly involves the use of dildos or strap-ons. There's double anal porn and even triple anal porn. You get the picture.

About Group Sex Porn

By far the most exciting porn niche is group sex porn. I mean it's orgies, the ultimate sexual experience and accomplishment, and you never know what can happen, what you might see. It's almost all the niches all the time. You never know where to look and you can easily watch the same video multiple times. It also leads to another one of the more popular niches: sex party porn. And these wild sex parties can be anywhere, though there usually at swimming pools, VIP rooms and colleges. It's hardcore porn and lesbian porn combined into one uber-niche. What more can you ask for?

I think it's best to include threesome porn and foursome porn here, too, but there's not much to say about it. You got one guy and two girls (FFM), two guys and one girl (MMF), two guys and two girls, three guys and one girl and one lucky fuck and three girls. I don't really get the allure of gangbang porn — it's like fisting porn for me — but it's there, of course. However, reverse gangbang porn, where the guy gets to fuck lots of girls, is certainly a favorite, and a rare feast unfortunately.

About Cumshot Porn

Probably the most notorious porn niche is cumshot porn. My theory is that porn is about seeing, not feeling, so the fact that it feels better to cum internally is irrelevant. Like any story, we want to see the ending. I guess I can see how some women may find it disresepctful, but it's certainly not disresepctful to all women, otherwise there wouldn't be so many willing to do it.

Now, for all the different sub-niches of the cumshot porn phenomena. Some niches are based on where the cum ends up. So there's facial cumshot porn, cum on tits porn and cum on ass porn. There's also cum in mouth porn, which isn't necessarily cum swallowing porn because the girls, especially the younger ones, tend to spit it out. And don't forget about cum in eye porn, but that's not what I'd call a real niche because it is (usually) unintentional.

There's cum drinking porn, which is as disgusting as it sounds. There's bukkake porn or group cumshot porn, which is where a girl gets covered in cum from multiple cocks, sometimes to the utmost extreme — also disgusting, if you ask me. That's about it, except for creampie porn and anal creampie porn, which is where the guy cums internally in the pussy or ass, and then the camera moves in close as the girl "pushes" the goo back out until it oozes down her crotch.

Of course, you can take all the niches above and separate them by the age or ethnicity or experience of the girl and you got even more niches, just as you can with almost any other niche, but I won't go into them all because I'm sure you get it by now. There are a few micro-niches worth mentioning, however. There's cum on glasses porn, cum swapping porn (where two girls share a load), cum on feet porn (which I've already covered), and more no doubt...

About Reality Porn

If you've watched enough porn videos, then you can easily recognize the girls and therefore know that so-called "reality" porn is not really real. However, there is a very important distinction between this kind of porn and a niche that no one usually bothers to classify, making the reality porn niche essential to understanding porn classification. The mainstream porn niche is basically the top pornstars acting in movies, i.e. a story with multiple scenes. Reality porn is a story with only one scene, usually very simplistic and therefore unscripted, with the basic premise repeated while featuring a different girl(s) in each video. Yeah, it's sold as if it is real and candid, even though it's obviously not, but that's irrelevant when it comes to classification.

Now, for all the different kinds of reality porn, or at least as many as it takes to paint a clear picture of this extremely broad and constantly expanding niche. There's audition porn, where a "first-timer" is often reluctantly initiated into the porn business. There's pickup porn, where a girl is "picked up," i.e. persuaded (usually by cash) to have sex on camera. There's girlfriend porn or revenge porn, where an everyday girl is filmed having sex with her boyfriend, and either the girl or the guy shares the video with the public, sometimes (allegedly) without the girl's permission, hence the "revenge." There's virgin porn, where a girl is apparently having sex for the first time, sometimes even featuring the breaking of the hymen. There's sleeping porn, where the girl (or guy) is asleep (or drugged or hypnotized) and the guy (or girl) has his perverted way with her. Of course, the story doesn't have to be so involving. A reality porn video could just be a girl knocking on a door and saying "Let's fuck."

There's a lot more but I think I'll describe them in another section. You get the idea of reality porn, though, right? It could be any story-based scene that is repeated in every video, whether it's really real or not.

About Fetish Porn

I don't completely get fetish porn but I'll try to explain it. A fetish is when someone is turned on by something that isn't sexual in nature, like feet or a certain hair color or some kind of food or whatever. However, in porn the term means something much more generalized, it means anything (out of context) that turns you on or that you like very much, and it also means weird stuff. I'm not going to cover all the fetish porn niches because I'm really not qualified and I'm getting bored of this.

About Uniform Porn

The last porn niche I'm going to cover is uniform porn, but it doesn't need much explanation. It doesn't mean girls in special uniforms like a superhero costume or whatever, though that would be included. It basically means classifiying girls by occupation or social status or some other criteria that makes a girl look often look and act a certain way. For instance, you got cheerleader porn, schoolgirl porn, babysitter porn, maid porn, nurse porn, secretary porn, etc. Now, I know that most people, the "purists," wouldn't classify all these as uniform porn, but I'm doing so here for the sake of organization. I want to talk about them all at once and they're certainly related, so I think it's warranted. Other related niches are those determined by place, such as office porn, school porn, etc. So I'm going to mention them here also to get them out of the way.

This niche also leads to more reality porn niches. For instance, the babysitter getting fucked by her employer or a secretary fucking her boss for a raise. As I said earlier, it's hard to firmly organize all these niches for the sake of this simple website without expending much more thought and effort than I'm willing to waste my time on.

Even More About Porn Niches

You probably know there are lots of porn niches I didn't cover. Old young porn, spanking porn, BDSM porn, etc. Maybe I'll get to them some other time, but it took a few days to write this and I'm ready to move on to something else. Just know that watching porn is serious business. If you really want to enjoy it, then you have to have a decent working knowledge of all the different kinds of porn so you can know how to search for and find what you like. If you can imagine it, it's out there.

I'll leave you with a list of the most popular porn networks. Joining a network is the best deal in porn. You pay for one site and get access to multiple sites, even ones added in the future. Also, believe it or not, most of the porn you find on the Internet was created by a few of these producers:

Premium Porn Networks